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in a sentimental manner

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When Tityrus and Meliboeus happen to be on the same farm, they are not sentimentally polite to each other.
His countenance thus triply hooped, as it were, with tattooing, always reminded me of those unhappy wretches whom I have sometimes observed gazing out sentimentally from behind the grated bars of a prison window; whilst the entire body of my savage valet, covered all over with representations of birds and fishes, and a variety of most unaccountable-looking creatures, suggested to me the idea of a pictorial museum of natural history, or an illustrated copy of 'Goldsmith's Animated Nature.
If I had been her daughter she couldn't have spoken more softly to me," she said sentimentally.
The plays of Beaumont and Fletcher, as a group, are sentimentally romantic, often in an extravagant degree, though their charm often conceals the extravagance as well as the lack of true characterization.
Sentimentally she needed that brother of hers so little
Oh Mr Clennam you insincerest of creatures,' said Flora, 'I perceive already you have not lost your old way of paying compliments, your old way when you used to pretend to be so sentimentally struck you know--at least I don't mean that, I--oh I don't know what I mean
Y]ou left me too early to witness all of this unfold in my life but you never cease to make me feel that you are still by my side with every step that I take,' she sentimentally said.
Mike Johnson, station manager with responsibility for lost property, said: "What never ceases to amaze me is how sentimentally attached people are about things that, to anybody else, would seem worthless.
For instance, scholars at Carnegie Mellon recently demonstrated that we're more likely to give practical gifts that seem personal (such as a jersey for the recipient's favourite football team) than sentimentally valuable ones (say, a cherished photo we have had for years).
But, as I say, we are all sentimentally attached to the building now, so after much deliberation and the usual 'you know this is going to cost us don't you?
Burkle led his flock to a new town, and sentimentally named it for the one in "The Old Country.
During the interview, the Minister spoke about the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement's relations, saying "what matters is to preserve this reconciliation strategically and sentimentally," noting that this reconciliation is under observation.
When police turned up to arrest him for the second burglary they found his partner wearing some of the rings taken in the first break-in - but the sentimentally and financially valuable ones were long gone.
They speak to things of the human condition both sentimentally and touching, joyful, painful, of all ages, you can't really pigeonhole them, and I think that's part of their power," Wolfston said of the poetry.
Those who tend to skip the very first pages of a book might be missing out on more than just sentimentally, then.