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Synonyms for sentiment



Synonyms for sentiment

a general cast of mind with regard to something

something believed or accepted as true by a person

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

Synonyms for sentiment

tender, romantic, or nostalgic feeling or emotion

References in classic literature ?
The Poetic Sentiment, of course, may develop itself in various modes --in Painting, in Sculpture, in Architecture, in the Dance -- very especially in Music -- and very peculiarly, and with a wide field, in the com position of the Landscape Garden.
In the contemplation of Beauty we alone find it possible to attain that pleasurable elevation, or excitement of the soul, which we recognize as the Poetic Sentiment, and which is so easily distinguished from Truth, which is the satisfaction of the Reason, or from Passion, which is the excitement of the heart.
There are two of the lines in which a sentiment is conveyed that embodies the all in all of the divine passion of Love -- a sentiment which, perhaps, has found its echo in more, and in more passionate, human hearts than any other single sentiment ever embodied in words: --
This profound sentiment, the life itself of the two old people, animated their every thought.
Until now the occupations of public life had absorbed the energy of the Baron di Piombo; but after leaving those employments he felt the need of casting that energy into the last sentiment that remained to him.
The first mentioned was, that, regardless of the sentiments of either, I had detached Mr.
In the strife of ferocious parties, human nature always finds itself cherished; as the children of the convicts at Botany Bay are found to have as healthy a moral sentiment as other children.
There is not, among the most religious and instructed men of the most religious and civil nations, a reliance on the moral sentiment and a sufficient belief in the unity of things, to persuade them that society can be maintained without artificial restraints, as well as the solar system; or that the private citizen might be reasonable and a good neighbor, without the hint of a jail or a confiscation.
It was the first intimation which Aynesworth had received of his companion's sentiments as regards the other sex.
I suppose," Wingrave continued, "that I was born with the usual moral sentiments, and the usual feelings of kinship towards my fellow creatures.
You think to escape," he said, in the deadly, expressionless monotone of his kind--the only possible result of orally expressing reason uninfluenced by sentiment.
The brains, incapable themselves of any of the finer sentiments, awoke none in her.
Those sentiments exalt me above all merely personal considerations.
Those sentiments have induced me to offer to the unimpressionable doctor who attends on her my vast knowledge of chemistry, and my luminous experience of the more subtle resources which medical and magnetic science have placed at the disposal of mankind.
Besides, if any one should regulate the division of property in such a manner that there should be a moderate sufficiency for all, it would be of no use; for it is of more consequence that the citizen should entertain a similarity of sentiments than an equality of circumstances; but this can never be attained unless they are properly educated under the direction of the law.