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Synonyms for sentient

Synonyms for sentient

marked by comprehension, cognizance, and perception

able to receive and respond to external stimuli

Synonyms for sentient

endowed with feeling and unstructured consciousness

consciously perceiving

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Inanimate extra arguments as in (40) (= [lb]/[12a]) and animate arguments which are not consciously or sentiently involved in an eventuality as in reading B of (41) pose a challenge for the account defended in Section 4.
The requisite fraud on the court occurs where "it can be demonstrated, clearly and convincingly, that a party has sentiently set in motion some unconscionable scheme calculated to interfere with the judicial system's ability impartially to adjudicate a matter by improperly influencing the trier of fact or unfairly hampering the presentation of the opposing party's claim or defense.