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Perhaps to understand this intriguing and deeply significant aspect of the FL experience, we can see such separation metaphorically as a "linguistic death," a passage that opens a sensitive hiatus between known and unknown where the consciousness can find itself on the edge of gaining or losing, in a cognitive sense, some levels of sentiency.
In 1997, the government banned experiments on great apes, gorillas, chim- panzees, bonobos, orang-utans, on the basis that their suffering could not be justified as their level of sentiency was considered too great.
The origins of these we do not in any fundamental sense understand, other sets of laws and constants having equal a priori probability, except that they would not permit the emergence of sentiency.
I say "planetary object" with caution because although we cannot imagine highly developed animal life such as ourselves -- with brains big enough to harbour sentiency and bodies big enough to mount and sustain such brains -- other than within such a stable environment, it is by no means clear that the very beginnings of life, perhaps even to the bacterium, could not have demanded rather the very different physical circumstances of a much smaller planetary system, such as a comet, as has been argued cogently if still short of conviction.
Concepts of sentiency, pain perception and our 'exploitation' of animals should be at the heart of any new policy.
In general, however, the more advanced the gestation, the more likely it is that significant moral factors are introduced, such as the onset of fetal brain activity (at about 8 weeks), and of fetal sentiency (probably during the second trimester).