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Synonyms for sententious

abounding in or given to pompous or aphoristic moralizing

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concise and full of meaning


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Lindau has no patience at all with the dry declamatory stuff widely viewed as the unfortunate by-product of Wagner's sententious and misguided theorizing.
Such sententious calls for boycott have divisive consequences, and, more than this, they shut down the arts.
That said, the downside of this "pointing" is that the didactic tendency sometimes leads to an overuse of declaration, giving some passages a sententious quality.
Kent and movement director Denni Sayers seize on that shift to create a mood for the ensemble that is far from sententious.
The provisional character of the exhibition design takes on the haut gout of the willfully sententious.
To Shakespeare's contemporaries, he may have seemed an obvious parody of Burleigh, who prided himself on his sententious speech.
In the comedia, the situation provided by the plot often exemplifies a moral principle, as evidenced in the sententious titles of many of the plays.
That's the great joke of this brilliant political novel: Fuentes's sententious movers and shakers are so busy positioning themselves and trying to figure out where everyone else is in this hall of mirrors that they never quite see themselves.
31) The publication of Webster's The White Devil, a play that failed dismally in Clerkenwell, is overtly presented as a rebuke of the 'vncapable multitude' who patronize the Red Bull and know nothing of what constitutes a 'true Drammaticke Poem': 'should a man present to such an Auditory, the most sententious Tragedy that euer was written, obseruing all the critticall lawes, as heighth of stile; and grauety of person; in rich it with the sententious Chorus, and as it were life'n Death, in the passionate and weighty Nuntius: yet after all this diuine rapture, O dura Messorum ilia, the breath that comes fro the vncapable multitude, is able to poison it' (A2-A2v).
A vicar, he is a complete sententious humbug, utterly selfish, snobbish, mean, and avaricious, unfeeling about anyone except himself, a philistine who delights in cruelty to his own children in the name of supposedly necessary character-formation.
Asking the chief executive of a company with a turnover of more than pounds 30m how he sees the economic future of Wales might seem sententious but again Mr Ridgwell has his own clearly defined views.
When he does pause occasionally to bear down upon a detailed scrutiny of titles, he chooses the unlikely subject of the Hope-Crosby "Road" pictures, producing an analysis so sententious and precious that it borders on fantasy.
Here, the rhetorical speaker reinforces his moral dimension and role as teacher and guide, in true Lucanesque and Dantean fashion, by issuing a fierce and sententious apostrophe against human greed, a vice that assails both rich and poor.
The account of her experiences in Siam is a keenly observed, if somewhat sententious, description of life in the enclosed court.
He was a young man: brisk, tolerant, rather sententious, and eager to work for what he called "the spiritual and moral welfare of the community.