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Antonyms for sent

100 senti equal 1 kroon in Estonia

caused or enabled to go or be conveyed or transmitted


References in classic literature ?
for Juno had sent her in the love she bore to them both), and seized the son of Peleus by his yellow hair, visible to him alone, for of the others no man could see her.
He escorted Chryseis on board and sent moreover a hecatomb for the god.
They stood fearfully and reverently before him, and never a word did they speak, but he knew them and said, "Welcome, heralds, messengers of gods and men; draw near; my quarrel is not with you but with Agamemnon who has sent you for the girl Briseis.
Chryses," said he, "King Agamemnon has sent me to bring you back your child, and to offer sacrifice to Apollo on behalf of the Danaans, that we may propitiate the god, who has now brought sorrow upon the Argives.
Apollo sent them a fair wind, so they raised their mast and hoisted their white sails aloft.
Nor did the resentment of Mahomet end here; he divided his body into quarters, and sent them to different places.
Hodges, he said, was quite displeased at their being all sent away.
When, however, we both grew up, they sent Ctimene to Same and received a splendid dowry for her.
The Phoenicians stayed a whole year till they had loaded their ship with much precious merchandise, and then, when they had got freight enough, they sent to tell the woman.
Telemachus," said he, "that bird did not fly on your right hand without having been sent there by some god.
And so, connoisseurs in wine as we are, we have sent you some Anjou wine?
Not exactly, it is the wine that was sent by your order.
murmured Athos, while Porthos broke the bottles and Aramis gave orders, a little too late, that a confessor should be sent for.
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