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a person devoted to pleasure and luxury

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Van Dusen presents students, academics, researchers, and professionals working in a variety of contexts with a sensualist reading of AugustineAEs Confessions X throuth XII.
The sensualist materialist of the Cavalcanti of The Other Middle Ages remains an ever-present foil throughout Il paradigma intellettuale.
453, Movement 2," Cultural Critique 4 [Autumn 1986]: 129-69), Rumph rehearses the authenticity of the sensualist model, drawing now on the writings of Adam Smith.
He was never a "specialist without spirit and sensualist without heart.
As Julie, Geneva Rae was a sadomasochistic sensualist, deeply attracted to valet Jean but too young and inexperienced to make sense of their liaison once it was consummated.
A longtime folk legend, the infamous sensualist made his first notable literary appearance in the 17th-century play The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest, by the Spanish writer Tirso de Molina.
Presumably, any Israelite queen would be aware of the requirements of Deuteronomy 17:14-20; this queen echoes them when she warns the king not to be a sensualist who lives in luxury and neglects
author of over a dozen cookbooks, host of the PBS television show The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter and owner of Chicago's landmark restaurant Charlie Trotter's and the more casual retail and catering company Trotter's To Go, explains the reason he was first attracted to the kitchen: "First and foremost I'm a sensualist.
During their friendship, Weisbord knew Kamala variously, as a "Krishna lover, a proselytising celibate, reclusive widow, star convert, awakened sensualist and now an almost virgin.
If she was inclined to be a sensualist, one might have thought such occurrences would have happened at other times during the marriage.
This compelling book, selected by Tom Lux for the National Poetry Series, introduces Anna Journey as a sensualist of history and place, of desire, fear and language-love: love of knowing the names of things and using those names to specify a world inhabited by both the living and the dead.
Diggs, "The Vinegar Man" (quoted from "The Good Cook"s Book of Oil & Vinegar" by Michele Anna Jordan)One would think that a sensualist such as Lord Byron would have had a more flattering description for vinegar, which, comparing it to marriage, he called a "sad, sour, sober beverage," and ultimately "a very homely household savor.
Then there was Sargent the sensualist, Sargent's Venice and another study was made on the painter's figure and landscape studies.
The travels depicted by both Heine and Fontane have Hegel's itinerary of absolute spirit as philosophical precedent: but while Fontane's journalistic project, fixed upon objectivity, wholeness, and the Prussian state, has an affinity with Hegel's system, Heine's playful, anti-nationalistic, sensualist, here-and-now orientation suggests an emancipatory social vision in clear rejection of Hegel.
A novel set in the wild celebrity world of 1970s London by someone who was there, The Sensualist by Carole Hopkin (Gofannon, pounds 8.