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a person devoted to pleasure and luxury

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While he is a self-professed sensualist in life-style, his description of his intuitive judging of the individual against the ideal seems to owe a good deal to Cousin's neo-Platonism: it resides above all in form: "J'adore sur toutes choses la beaute de la forme;--la beaute pour moi, c'est la Divinite visible, c'est le bonheur palpable, c'est le ciel descendu sur la terre" (269) ["I adore above all things the beauty of form; beauty, for me, is visible Divinity, palpable happiness descended on earth" (136-37)].
In passages like this, Friskics-Warren reveals not only a particular musician's temperament--empathetic, sensualist, dystopian, prophet--but the very nature of the temperament itself.
Another pair of essays links Daniel Lee's overly schematic and one-sided view of "religion and the construction of White America'--drawn mostly from articles in late-nineteenth-century periodicals that echo Josiah Strong's visions of preserving a white Christian America in the face of an onslaught of freedpeople, immigrants, and other threats to the Republic--together with an interesting analysis of the somewhat embarrassing attempts of progressive Catholics in Brazil to provide an "Afro" mass that will speak to the ostensibly sensualist and rhythmic heart still beating within Catholic Afro-Brazilians.
I'm afraid the good judge would today favor banning Stern from the airways, because there is little else to the show but the leer of the sensualist.
We do, to be sure, find Obadiah Elihue Parker, sensualist and collector of tattoos, getting thrashed with a broom by Sarah Ruth, his "Straight Gospel" wife, because he has just added an image of Jesus to his back.
Espinosa is a sensualist who lakes time to enjoy the pre-Christmas summer warmth, the sun drenched beach, the sultry Rio nights, the exquisiteness of Kika's navel.
Instead, it illustrates the weaknesses inherent in the sensualist position by usurping its rhetoric.
Foucauld was a womaniser, a layabout sensualist who lounged in bed eating foie gras out of a tin with a silver spoon.
How the sensualist formalism of aesthetes like Wilde differs from the idealist formalism of Kant is an important topic, but it is outside the scope of this essay.
The rhythms are geared toward advanced forms of belly-button movement, but there's plenty to keep the armchair sensualist enthralled.
Despite your simplicity, you are a true sensualist, so take time out from caring for others to enjoy a decadent bath with lots of Wickedly Good Bath Soak, pounds 4, from the Fresh range at Boots.
A style of divinity emphasizing religious experience as integral with ceremonial forms and ritual tends toward more sensualist eucharistic formulae.
Among his six books are The Metamorphoses of the Self: The Mystic, the Sensualist, and the Artist in the Works of Julien Green (1978), Exiles and Fugitives: The Letters of Jacques Maritain, Caroline Gordon, and Allen Tate (1992), and The Double Vocation: Christian Presence in Twentieth-Century French Fiction (1996).
Victor was a genius, a sensualist, and he had his own strong ego.