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Here, a plumb bob shows the pilot's hovering target, but since the waves from the rotor wash are moving I away from the hover point, 1 the pilot moves the helicopter forward to "catch up" with the waves, which the pilot's sensory system interprets as being stationary.
Functional organization of the sensory systems, somatic motor system, visceral motor system and cranial nerves are subjected in the second, third, fourth and fifth sections, respectively.
Rubbing their snouts like Andre is doing is said to overload that sensory system.
The sensory system has to sense the system state and adjust the assembly system by help of the control system.
All sensory systems can be affected to varying degrees.
Sensory systems are intimately related to and necessary for well-developed motor systems.
The basic macro-nutrients--proteins, starches, fats--are sensed by a taste sensory system composed of receptors activated by amino acids, sugars, and lipids, the breakdown products of proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats respectively.
Thus, for example, he asserts that sensory systems "discard information" that is not immediately relevant to their interest in a specific classification (p.
All subjects show increases in mean scores from phase A to B in the use of each sensory system to maintain balance.
We are building the Binovi(TM) Cloud, a universal system for testing and measuring a human's Oculomotor Sensory System performance.
The Snug Vest uses patient-controlled deep-pressure to regulate the sensory system and relieve anxiety.
However, for many of those on the Autistic Spectrum this attack on the sensory system is too much.
The author uses the Chopin Prelude in E Minor as an example of how the eight-point sensory system works.
At close range, sharks also sense vibration with their lateral line, a sensory system that runs from head to tail on each side of a shark's body.
The correlation of the gradient of Shannon entropy and anomalous cognition: Toward an AG sensory system.