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a long stiff hair growing from the snout or brow of most mammals as e

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In February, GenVec announced the publication of pre-clinical research demonstrating that delivery of the atonal gene utilizing GenVec's proprietary adenovector technologies can regenerate lost sensory hair cells and revive inner ear function, a major requirement in the development of restorative therapeutics.
OPI) announced today that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with The Hough Ear Institute (HEI) for the development and worldwide commercialization of technology to restore sensory hair cells in the inner ear.
Scientists turn them into sensory hair cells that detect sound waves in the ear
Studies of sensory hair cells from the cochleas of the mice, which sense sound vibrations and signal the brain, showed that the TMC1 and TMC2 proteins are necessary to get calcium into the cells.
The research team, led by Dr Walter Marcotti, Royal Society University Research Fellow from the University's Department of Biomedical Science, in collaboration with Professor Karen Steel at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge, discovered that the mutation in miR-96 prevents development of the auditory sensory hair cells.
Angela King from the RNID, the charity for the deaf and hard of hearing, says: "As you get older, sensory hair cells in the cochlea, the inner part of the ear that processes sound, gradually die.
The goal of their research is to develop ways to restore inner ear sensory hair cells in people who have lost them due to age, excessive noise or other toxic damage.
Millions of people have hearing and balance deficits that are caused by the loss of the sensory hair cells in the inner ear.
Hearing specialist Angela King, from RNID, the charity for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, says: "Age-related hearing loss occurs when sensory hair cells in the cochlea, the inner part of your ear that processes sound, start to die.
Those mechanosensitive sensory hair cells are the linchpin of hearing and balance.
Heller is researching the molecular basis of hearing and balance as well as developing therapies to reverse sensory hair cell loss in the cochlea.
During the study, researchers analysed whether absence of Bak would prevent the age-related hearing loss that is associated with the death of certain sensory hair, nerve and membrane cells in the inner ear.
However, this inappropriate attempt to divide causes these cells, called sensory hair cells, to instead commit suicide, according to a team of researchers that includes two St.
The lateral line system is composed of a canal embedded in the scales along the side of the body of a fish, around its eyes and on its lower jaw, which contain small groups of sensory hair cells that respond to water flow.