sensory activity

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activity intended to achieve a particular sensory result

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A 2005 OPTIMA Award entry ("An Adventure into Snoezelen Therapy") states that this sensory activity is proven effective for residents with any of the following diagnoses except:
In this work, as in others from around 1920, Ernst uses for his support a page from a teaching-aids catalogue that promulgated the "purposeful expansion of the sensory activity of children," and to that end advertised devices to assist teachers in delivering "lessons in visual perception" (Anschauungsunterricht).
A balance and sensory activity program is helping struggling children catch up in reading, writing, comprehension and focus as well as allowing gifted children to excel.
Add Hugh Vanstone's atypically gaudy lighting and the climate shifts to a no less generic gameshow, complete with a jazz-flecked score from Gary Yershon that was perfectly suited to the modernist aesthetic of "Art" ("Life x 3" has the same creative team as Reza's two international successes) but here compounds the feeling that a lot of sensory activity is taking place in a void.
Once you've determined the location for your room, Samantha White, sensory activity leader for Camp Jened, recommends that you begin by dividing the room in half by hanging black shower curtains down the middle of the room.
We wish to address this issue by providing a Sensory Pod, a standalone highly specialist unit where students can participate in a bespoke sensory activity that best meets their needs.
He shouted, and ran to hide under the sensory activity table.
When we put on a gig it's just an explosive cavalcade of sensory activity," says knob-twiddler Robin Jones, adding, "I'm learning how to cope with society again - months on the road have left me institutionalised.