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Synonyms for sensorial

of or relating to sensation or the senses

Synonyms for sensorial

involving or derived from the senses


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MRSS India would now be offering multiple internationally accepted and state-of-the-art sensorial research and evaluation techniques in partnerships with leading domain experts.
A large size is necessary for a prolonged release of the encapsulated flavor, but small beads are best for optimizing the textural and sensorial properties of foods.
The following chapter tackles the so-called palaces of Minoan Crete, considering whether a sensorial and mnemonic approach can help to explain their emergence as well as functions.
With Arabs being one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the world, a study says the sensorial and emotional perception of young Arabs differ from country to country, despite facing similar challenges.
Sensorial seta of thorax and abdominal segments longer than setae and acuminate, those of Abd.
Stingray360 is Canada's leading provider of sensorial marketing solutions, offering digital signage, scent and music services to more than 61,000 locations from coast to coast.
The award-winning profile is part of Flexico's ZipGrip range of closing systems and features a unique sensorial effect that allows the user to feel and hear when the zipper is fully closed.
Para ello se encuestaron 76 estudiantes de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina), aplicando el inventario de estilos de aprendizaje de Felder y Silverman, que valora la preferencia hacia los estilos activo o reflexivo (tipo de procesamiento), sensorial o intuitivo (tipo de percepcion), visual o verbal (tipo de representacion) y secuencial o global (tipo de comprension).
The roll-out experiments were performed by a trained evaluator on a substrate attached to the Sensorial Evaluation Device.
Incense burners serve as representations of sensorial culture of the East, much celebrated in the world of literature and arts of the last two centuries.
Such a sensorial experience is unique to Urwerk and can be experienced by every UR-110 ST owner," it said.
They are also used in polymers for preventing the growth of bacteria or fungi and also to prevent degradation of polymer physical and sensorial properties, both within the material and at its surface.
What they say Ceremony moments are unique bespoke treatments that combine shiatsu based sensorial gestures with high performance remedies to enhance your scalp, hair and mood.
METHODS: In a first pilot study, sensorial assessments and measures of the skin distension under suction were performed in eight volunteers.
Derprosa states the idea behind this new range of laminating films is that it can now supply specialist graphic art companies with products that enable them to market supports that are of high quality with sensorial properties.