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When we assumed underlying normal distributions, the total absolute value of the bias was 59% (the sum of the absolute bias for all sensitivities in all 5 studied scenarios was 28%; the summed bias of all specificities in all 5 scenarios was 31%).
If you or someone you care about has food allergies or sensitivities, this is the book to go to.
Most physicians would agree that there are chemical sensitivities," says Staudenmayer, the Denver psychologist.
The papers by Friedman and Kahn, the only ones that include an aggregate assessment, suggest that the net effect of these changes to sectoral interest-rate sensitivities is a reduced sensitivity of aggregate GNP to interest rates.
Moreover, because of the different antigen sensitivities, a therapy-limiting response from one antigen will occur while other antigens in the same treatment vial will remain at far-from-optimal dosages.
In attempting to understand how and why these especially persistent sensitivities develop, Pamela W.
It should be recognized that every elastomeric compound has its own unique set of frequency/strain/temperature sensitivities, and that these may combine in a different manner than for the material presented herein.
Chemical sensitivities could be responsible for these ailments.
There is no widely accepted definition of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) because there is very little agreement on what the symptoms represent.
The recent papers show that for climate sensitivities and warming at the lower end of this scale, the response time will be relatively short.
There is also no guarantee that the disclosed cash-flow sensitivities are related to either short-term or long-term movements of equity values in response to commodity price changes.
If you think you may have MCS, consult a health care practitioner who specializes in the field of chemical sensitivities.
In addition, three out of the four vice sectors -- tobacco, defense, and alcohol -- demonstrate below average sensitivities to GDP shocks and surprises.