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having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)

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Aeroallergen sensitisation is common in AD patients, and in the EPAAC (Early Prevention of Asthma and Allergies in Children) study, 20-40% of AD patients were sensitised to house-dust mite.
0% of children were sensitised to the dust mite Eur m.
0% of children were sensitised to at least one of the Timothy grass antigens, and 83.
This article concludes that IdeS Is generally well tolerated and effective in eliminating HLA antibodies including DSAs, thus enabling successful transplantation in highly sensitised patients.
IdeS is currently being evaluated in a multi-centre study (Highdes) in the US, France and Sweden in highly sensitised patients that do not respond to currently available desensitization methods.
We found that babies born by C-section, if exposed to an allergen, were eight times more likely to be sensitised to dog allergen.
They were five to six times more likely to be sensitised to dust mite allergen, and almost twice as likely to be sensitised to cat allergen.
We hypothesise this delay makes them more susceptible to becoming sensitised.
None of the participants had antibodies to cats in their blood to start with, meaning they were not sensitised to the animal's dander.
About three percent of people who did not have a cat at either time of the survey became sensitised over the course of the study, compared to five percent of those who acquired a cat during those nine years.
The company's proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing process completes all manufacturing steps in an automated, continuous process and can transform a lightweight roll of metal foil into a half-mile 100lb roll of G24i's Dye Sensitised Thin Film in less than three hours.
While G24i has significant research and development capabilities focusing on the production of dye sensitised modules, the test and measurement expertise and unique facilities at the University will help us to achieve rapid product development in specific areas.
More than 11560 citizens in Mumbai were sensitised through street-plays and door to door campaigns in the month of May /June 2014.
Over 11560 residence Indira Nagar, Mandala, Mankhurd were sensitised through 'Ghar Ghar Me Jan Jagruti Abhiyan the door to door campaign and more than 3030 citizens were sensitised in Wadala, Parel, Dharavai, Mankhurd, Kurla, Malvani, Malad, Laljipada, Kandivali, Ekta Nagar, Bihari Tekdi, Borivli(E), Thembipada, Bhandup, Vikroli and Kanjurmargh, Mumbra, Morarjinagar, Khopoli and Ambernath were imparted education through many street plays.
Contract awarded for various printing paper bond stubs and sensitised