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any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

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The best way to bolster ocean monitoring, Lautenbacher reasoned, was with a sustained and globally integrated research effort based on satellites and sensing devices in the ocean that would generate continuous data streams.
This divestiture represents an important next step in our strategy to expand applications of our unique Remote Sensing Device technology across all vehicle emissions inspection markets.
A new sensing device that can detect cocaine quickly and cheaply may prove a time-saver for scientists, a cost-saver for the U.
Electromechanical Thermostat: The electromechanical thermostat relies on a mechanical temperature sensing device, typically a bimetal element.
Other built-in functions include current feedback via dedicated internal shunt resistors and a temperature sensing device.
The company currently sells two patented technologies -- Guardian Alert(R), a Doppler awareness-based rear sensing device, and ScopeOut(R), an aerodynamic mirror system that enables drivers of cars, SUVs and minivans to see an enhanced panoramic rear view of oncoming traffic prior to backing out.
has developed a new innovative remote sensing device named the Automated Adaptive Chemical Examination System (AACES).
Integra Devices currently is preparing products including mmWave devices, zero-power sensing devices, and smart edge devices.
Tehran is interested in communication and meteorological satellites, and remote sensing devices," RIA Novosti quoted him as telling Russia24 channel Nov.
According to the company, the Distribution Monitoring and Control (DM&C) project involves the deployment of 12,000 sensing devices throughout the electricity distribution network, creating a smart grid.
In the past year, the Blackfin Processor has been designed into thousands of applications such as automotive driver assistance and telematics systems, wireless handsets, security and surveillance cameras, networked media players, IP set-top boxes, biometric sensing devices and videophones.
Precise sensing devices are available for measuring the dynamic torque reading and performing the accurate temperature control, according to the literature.
Fundamentally, an AR system consists of a wearable computer, a head-mounted display (HMD), and tracking and sensing devices, along with advanced software and virtual three-dimensional-rendering applications.
He has been overseeing an ongoing joint research project, involving York University, that uses remote sensing devices at both the airborne and satellite level to provide biological indicators of forest health.