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the faculty of distinguishing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty properties in the mouth

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It's important to educate those suffering from negative taste alteration or a diminished sense of taste that there is a natural over the counter solution.
A diminished sense of taste can lead to poorer appetite or less enjoyment of food.
It could be: 6 Your cold is impairing your sense of smell and, in turn, this can damp down your sense of taste.
She suffered serious, disfiguring facial injuries, a fractured skull and numerous broken bones, losing her sense of smell and almost all her sense of taste.
A TEENAGER was left without any sense of taste or smell after suffering a head injury when he was pushed over during a late-night brawl outside a pub.
Umami, which means "deliciousness" in Japanese, is recognized as our fifth sense of taste.
Q My sense of taste has diminished as I've gotten older.
Ritu prepared her first meal at the young age of nine and till date trusts her instincts when it comes to cooking, considers it be an art, directed by a natural sense of taste and talent.
Is it normal to lose your sense of taste when you get older?
Before the recording of tonight's show, (back in spring) she fainted, and banged her head as she fell, losing her sense of taste and smell.
London, May 29 ( ANI ): Supertasters are the minority the population who have a heightened sense of taste - particularly for bitter compounds - and for many years scientists have linked the trait with the number of "fungiform papillae" or sensory bumps on the tongue.
When you have a stuffy nose, your sense of taste is dulled because smell affects taste.
My sense of taste seems to be diminishing as I get older (I'm 76 years old).
Q Lately I find my sense of taste doesn't seem to be what it was, and it's affecting my appetite.
ISLAMABAD -- A study has found that obese children are more likely than others to have a weak sense of taste.