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the faculty that enables us to distinguish scents

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It has been ascertained beyond the possibility of doubt, that she cannot see a ray of light, cannot hear the least sound, and never exercises her sense of smell, if she have any.
But as Don Quixote's sense of smell was as acute as his hearing, and as Sancho was so closely linked with him that the fumes rose almost in a straight line, it could not be but that some should reach his nose, and as soon as they did he came to its relief by compressing it between his fingers, saying in a rather snuffing tone, "Sancho, it strikes me thou art in great fear.
The tiger, whose nature teaches him to delight in shedding blood, needs but the sense of smell to show him when his prey is within his reach, and by following this instinct he is enabled to measure the leap necessary to permit him to spring on his victim; but man, on the contrary, loathes the idea of blood -- it is not alone that the laws of social life inspire him with a shrinking dread of taking life; his natural construction and physiological formation" --
The white letters of the inscription were extremely white and extremely strong to the sense of smell, the complexion of the tables and chairs was (like Lady Tippins's) a little too blooming to be believed in, and the carpets and floorcloth seemed to rush at the beholder's face in the unusual prominency of their patterns.
To the sense of smell the house was like a sort of bottle filled with a strong distillation of Mews; and when the footman opened the door, he seemed to take the stopper out.
The conversation and Bradley's assurance that the creature was not of supernatural origin helped to raise a trifle the spirits of the men; and then came another diversion in the form of ravenous meat-eaters attracted to the spot by the uncanny sense of smell which had apprised them of the presence of flesh, killed and ready for the eating.
A study of nearly 3,000 adults, aged 57 to 85, found that people who could not identify four out of five common odors were twice as likely as those with a normal sense of smell to develop dementia within the next five years.
Loss of the sense of smell is a strong signal that something has gone wrong and significant damage has been done," the study's lead author, Dr.
OLDER people with a poor sense of smell have a greater chance of developing Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, research has shown.
USA], Sep 30 (ANI): If your parents or grandparents cannot identify at least four out of five common odours - peppermint, fish, orange, rose and leather - from everyday life, then they are more than twice as likely as to develop dementia within five years than those with a normal sense of smell.
Professor Jayant Pinto, of Chicago University, said: "These results show the sense of smell is closely connected with brain function and health.
SEA birds' sense of smell is a key factor in how they navigate the oceans, scientists at Oxford University have found.
Lab experiments have shown that a good sense of smell makes mice fat and those mice that lost their sense of smell lost weight.
Still, it's conventional wisdom that humans' sense of smell is worse than that of other animals " dogs, mice, moles and even sharks.