sense of responsibility

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an awareness of your obligations

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And I felt ashamed of having been passed over by the fever which had been preying on every man's strength but mine, in order that my remorse might be the more bitter, the feeling of unworthiness more poignant, and the sense of responsibility heavier to bear.
But in 1989, a kindle of hope was ignited in a rare sense of responsibility, 12 European Nations came together to ban Chlorofluorocarbons usage, which destroy the Earth's protective layer and let carcinogenic rays into the Earth's sphere.
He said that the opportunities of promotion in traffic wardens would infuse a sense of responsibility and hardworking.
But I also feel a sense of responsibility towards all other people all around the world fighting for the freedoms that we are very lucky to have secured years ago.
I believe we share a profound sense of responsibility to make this change work smoothly and sensibly, not just for people today but for the next generation The Prime Minister We are now the mainstream.
While giving award to ASI Farzana, Chaudhry Nisar highly appreciated her for showing sense of responsibility asked other policemen to emulate her for professionalism and sense of responsibility, a press release said.
Mirga Grazinyte-Tyla said: "Every single musician of the CBSO is an artist with great individuality and sense of responsibility.
I am positively impressed with the authorities' determination, sense of responsibility, and commitment to an agenda of economic reform and transparency," Moghadam said in a statement.
By giving them an alternative to the streets, this project will lead to the reduction of the street frequency, decrease of the delinquency rate, increase in self-esteem, sense of responsibility and discipline among the beneficiaries while increasing their sense of environmental stewardship.
Summary: The Higher Islamic Council convening under its deputy head Omar Miskawi Tuesday hailed the high sense of responsibility of hopefuls who withdrew their candidacies for the council's elections set for April 14.
You can't appeal to their good nature or sense of responsibility as they have none.
When you're bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in.
How much longer are we going to be a farm of the "sit and watch" phenomenon, without a sense of responsibility, Kostovska wonders and adds that it is time to press the button that will restart our conscience.
NNA - 4/6/2011 Caretaker Labor minister, Boutros Harb, noted with satisfaction what he termed 'Palestinian sense of responsibility vis-A'-vis their decision to give up their June 5 march to the border to mark 1967 Arab defeat.
By completing the Gold Award programme, they have demonstrated a real sense of responsibility and citizenship and these are qualities that will be valuable throughout their lives.