sense of purpose

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the quality of having a definite purpose

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Possessing a high sense of purpose in life is associated with a reduced risk for mortality and cardiovascular events," according to the study by Drs.
A survey of almost 9,000 people by Statistics New Zealand found 83 percent were highly satisfied with their lives and 87 percent rated their sense of purpose highly.
Previous research has linked purpose to psychological health and well-being, but the new Mount Sinai analysis found that a high sense of purpose is associated with a 23 percent reduction in death from all causes and a 19 percent reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, or the need for coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) or a cardiac stenting procedure.
No doubt the science of economics, fostered on us by the academics will overrule any sense of purpose Roy Woolmans, Llandudno Junction
Scientists rated people's well-being at 65 by their answers to three sets of questions about whether they felt in control of their lives, had a sense of purpose plus opportunities to do the things they wanted.
According to the results of the survey, 82 percent of respondents (executives and employees) who work full-time for an organization with a strong sense of purpose say that they are confident that their organization will grow this year, compared to 48 percent of those who do not have a strong sense of purpose.
The Rosewell House handler could have gone for the Irish St Leger at the weekend, so it looks significant he has instead opted to travel Sense Of Purpose.
As we push ourselves through our lives we try to further our view of the world looking for a sense of purpose.
Canberra, June 18 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has revealed that she knocked off former PM Kevin Rudd from the leadership a year ago because he had no sense of purpose or plan for the future.
The only sense of purpose I find is the perpetuation of the coalition itself - whereas a government should govern in the interests of the people.
As counselors of people with brain injuries, we must help them restore their hope, independence, and sense of purpose.
This would give them a sense of purpose, discipline and respect for others.
This logo update is simply a reflection of the refreshed image of our stores and our renewed sense of purpose of helping people save money so they can live better" a spokesman for the company said, adding that the move would reflect changes customers have already seen in some store signs and advertisements.
Caption: Gifts needed on session: spiritual maturity, ability to use the Bible wisely, a sense of purpose for themselves and their church, a willingness to get to know and serve the people--with character traits of integrity, empathy, care and grace, as well as some knowledge of the Book of Forms and the ability to work well in a team and to uphold the decisions of the majority.
Mosley served on the bloody Italian front, was once rescued from death by one of his men, and witnessed the devastation of war firsthand; but it was a war he knew had to be fought, and it kindled a sense of purpose in him that had eluded him during peacetime.