sense of humour

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the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous

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It turns out that if that older man has a sense of humour, this feeling is even more highlighted.
A team from University College London interviewed the families of 48 people with either Alzheimer's or non-Alzheimer's dementia about any changes they had noticed in their relative's sense of humour.
Each year, the mega popular lingerie brand comes up with its own "What Is Sexy List", a compilation of the most enviable female celebrities who possess such to-die-for features like healthy gorgeous locks, attractive full lips, bikini-worthy bodies, and yes, even a sexy sense of humour.
GEORDIES are unique for their sense of humour, a survey has found.
The British sense of humour and pub also featured heavily for most respondents, but the countryside was the most popular choice with 46%.
TO HAVE a sense of humour is considered to be a good thing - a very good thing even.
However, it would appear that some people have no sense of humour.
MADONNA says she has been forced to develop a sense of humour to deal with fans in the street.
IN reply to John Henderson's letter (June 10) asking if I have a sense of humour.
And, says independent fostering services provider Futures for Children, a good sense of humour can also be very useful.
Summary: Michael Bolton has revealed a sense of humour is very important when he is looking for love.
Well, try to perk up your sense of humour, for a new study has found that ladies adore men who make them laugh.
The inspirational midfielder, who often serves as a barometer for the feelings of the rest of the squad, describes the new boss as a man who strikes fear, possesses an aura, is serious, but who is also able to retain a sense of humour.
He said: "Boo brings intensity and a sense of humour.