sense of humour

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the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous

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Sooner or later some happy selection of a phrase of abuse would tickle her sense of humour, or the appearance of her victim would become too funny not to be laughed at.
The intrinsic ridiculousness of the situation was too much for his sense of humour.
The Professor, as I remembered him, had an elephantine sense of humour capable of the most clumsy and unwieldly gambollings.
Nothing spoils a romance so much as a sense of humour in the woman.
Men who cannot control their own coolies are little respected in the Hills, and the hillman has a very keen sense of humour.
Rucastle, however, who has evidently no sense of humour, never so much as smiled, but sat with her hands in her lap, and a sad, anxious look upon her face.
Externally, the jollity of aged men has much in common with the mirth of children; the intellect, any more than a deep sense of humour, has little to do with the matter; it is, with both, a gleam that plays upon the surface, and imparts a sunny and cheery aspect alike to the green branch and grey, mouldering trunk.
Your sense of humour could be an indicator of how truly happy you are - and whether you could be at risk of suicidal thoughts.
Each year, the mega popular lingerie brand comes up with its own "What Is Sexy List", a compilation of the most enviable female celebrities who possess such to-die-for features like healthy gorgeous locks, attractive full lips, bikini-worthy bodies, and yes, even a sexy sense of humour.
GEORDIES are unique for their sense of humour, a survey has found.
The British sense of humour and pub also featured heavily for most respondents, but the countryside was the most popular choice with 46%.
TO HAVE a sense of humour is considered to be a good thing - a very good thing even.
However, it would appear that some people have no sense of humour.
com, which commissioned the survey, said: "Women like a guy with a good sense of humour and a good chat-up line can be a great way of displaying that men have one.
IN reply to John Henderson's letter (June 10) asking if I have a sense of humour.