sense of humor

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Synonyms for sense of humor

the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous

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But our attic, unique though it was, had by no means exhausted the architect's sense of humor.
With some words, instead of giving the original meaning, he gave a personal meaning, that is he allowed his own sense of humor, feelings or politics, to color the meaning.
She looked like a woman of narrow experience and rigid conscience, which she was; but there was a saving something about her mouth which, if it had been ever so slightly developed, might have been considered indicative of a sense of humor.
His vast work was mostly invisible, and very little could be got out of him in private life except a crusty and rather cynical sense of humor.
Fisher's sense of humor began to recover from the struggle and he sat up on his sofa with something of his native nonchalance.
So all work found Tarzan serious, though he still retained what the other beasts lost as they grew older--a sense of humor, which he gave play to when the mood suited him.
Weary and heart-sick as she was -- suspicious of others, doubtful of herself -- the extravagant impudence of Captain Wragge's defense of swindling touched Magdalen's natural sense of humor, and forced a smile to her lips.
He laughed sonorously at his own conceit, for, though he had little sense of humor, the crudest pleasantry from his own lips moved him always to roars of appreciation.
Very rough and faulty, but so funny, that it was evident Polly's sense of humor was strong.
His quiet jests on the scaffold suggest the never-failing sense of humor which was one sign of the completeness and perfect poise of his character; while the hair-shirt which he wore throughout his life and the severe penances to which he subjected himself reveal strikingly how the expression of the deepest convictions of the best natures may be determined by inherited and outworn modes of thought.
This fearsome creature had appeared by night in the huts of the village, killed, and disappeared, leaving behind him in the huts with his dead, strange and terrifying evidences of an uncanny sense of humor.
The grossness and the sliminess of it was forgotten in the simple grotesqueness of it, and he had the saving sense of humor.
He has denied to me since that it was hysterics, and insisted that it was only his sense of humor asserting itself under very terrible conditions.
I thought we English were supposed to have the least sense of humor of any people in the world," he cried; "but now I've found one human being who hasn't any.
President Reagan had a grand sense of humor -- and used it with great deftness to advance his program.