sense of humor

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the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous

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When it was time to ask the reporters to leave the room, Duterte used his sense of humor.
A person with a sense of humor must be witty and creative: if you ask any writers what is the most difficult types of writing, his or her answer is likely comedy.
Table 3 presents the findings of multiple regression and suggests that various components of adaptive and maladaptive sense of humor explained 76% variance in perceived stress and the model was overall significant {F (5, 214) = 138.
This may explain why some workplaces even hire for a sense of humor and why if you're in the job market you may want to hone your humor skills.
Boy, does the world need a better sense of humor right about now.
But when writing the book, he thought, "why not use this sense of humor in an artistic work?
The current study was conducted to explore the sense of humor as predictor of creativity and sociability level in university undergraduates.
Eysenck (1972) suggested that sense of humor had three meanings: a person has a sense of humor if (i) others laughed at what he/she did; (ii) he/she laughs a great deal and is easily amused; and (iii) he/she tells funny stories and amuses others.
British AmigrAs who now live in Germany were the ones found to miss the British sense of humor the most (65%), followed by those living in Canada (60%).
You don't know what she might be like - if she has any sense of humor at all.
Hugh Granttook up jogging in a bid to combat his crippling panic attacks, but quit when he realized working out gave him a sense of humor failure.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study revealed that a sense of humor helps to keep people healthy and increases their chances of reaching retirement age.
Kevin Johnson of Reno, Nevada, must have a very warped or lack of a sense of humor.
2 : the ability to see or tell the amusing quality of things He's got a good sense of humor.
Rather, I believe it is true that most of our patients have a sense of humor.