sense of equilibrium

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a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head

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Short tabs interrupt the surface at intervals, slightly disturbing the sense of equilibrium conveyed by the rectangles resting on top of one another.
He should have congressional leaders to the White House every day until they reach a grand bargain that brings these monthly crises to an end and, therefore, restores a sense of equilibrium and stability to the markets.
WE all cling to certain truisms to maintain a sense of equilibrium in these troubled times.
But keeping busy helped the group maintain a sense of equilibrium.
It is not quite so hard to maintain a sense of equilibrium about your betting when you know that even if a long losing run should stretch into an agonising marathon this will have no impact on the rest of your life.
He establishes (contrary to prior Austrian work on the subject) that under a commodity system, changes in the demand for money do have a permanent effect (in the sense of equilibrium or end state) on the structure of production (and in particular on the pure rate of interest [PRI]).
A little perspective and some contemplation on life helped restore my sense of equilibrium.
And there's no need to worry if you have two left feet - you can achieve the same sense of equilibrium from your seat in the audience.
Butterbeer, magic wands that "choose you" and a high-speed intertwining roller coaster whose G-forces will cause you to lose your sense of equilibrium are only a few of the new and exciting reasons for you and your family to make a return visit to Orlando.