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a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head

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Muscle strength and sense of balance are to maintain a wide range of activity.
BALANCE will study and implement both anticipatory and reactive balancing mechanisms, and implement a sense of balance and sense of human motion intentions through sensor fusion techniques and data analysis.
But the combination of shiny floor, high ceilinged windows and the open space echo seems to have an affect on my sense of balance and bodily control.
While I didn't enjoy the part where "it" measured my weight, took me through some balance, mental agility and quick reflex tests, then would flash up on its screen in large numbers, my "Wii Fit Age" that was considerably older than my chronological age, I did appreciate the variety of the exercises and games, particularly those that help me become more aware of my "core," and my sense of balance.
It can help improve suppleness in the feet as they are a key area for propelling the body during diving, while also improving co-ordination and concentration, as scuba diving requires a good sense of balance.
Which is why the likes of Nina Conti, Sarah Millican, Sandi Toksvig, Ronni Ancona and Jo Brand have also been recruited to restore a sense of balance to proceedings in coming editions.
They include things like an iPad for a 12-year-old boy with cerebral palsy to enable him to communicate, a sensory room for an 18-month-old girl at her Consett home and a specially adapted tricycle for a 10-year-old girl from Northumberland who has a brain tumour which has left her with a poor sense of balance.
The inner parts of the ears give a sense of balance.
A sense of balance and contentment comes from using one's time, energy, and talent in ways that add meaning to life.
Making the case that the tension between propriety's oughts and the ought of moral idealism that Austen treats is analogous to an aesthetic sense of balance, she reads theories of moral and aesthetic judgement by philosophers John Locke and Anthony Ashley Cooper (Third Earl of Shaftesbury), and artist Sir Joshua Reynolds, among others.
His condition means Iain, of Sheffield, has constant nausea and dizziness, his sense of balance has been destroyed and he struggles to walk unaided.
The ingredients in the new Tazo Well-Being teas were artfully selected to offer a holistic sense of balance, while ensuring flavor quality and consistency.
Egypt is a very important country for balance in the region and its presence will create a sense of balance in Iraq," Zebari said.
Jolie's goal was to design a collection that would encourage a sense of balance that we desire in every aspect of our lives.
Using a combination of tutorials, photographic assignments and manipulation exercises, the author describes the concept of the "photographic eye," and how to use your sense of balance and composition to refine lighting techniques and timing.