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a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head

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While some of us may actually be holding our breath, waiting to be certified with a super sense of balance so that we can aspire to these heights, perhaps others would feel vindicated when some more senses are identified.
How about improving your sense of balance and observing the spring awakening of the nature at the same time?
All of them are affected by age, but with early detection, you can reverse deterioration in a particular area and/or help strengthen the other sensors in order to maintain a safe sense of balance,
Their sense of balance is so good, they can walk on a thin rope or wire.
May your own faith grow stronger, but most of all, may you retain that down-toearth sense of balance and humour.
Carlos Rubinstein brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in water issues and a good sense of balance to his tenure as chairman of the Texas Water Development Board," Kramer said.
After a user does five types of movements, including keeping their balance on an inclined floor and walking in place, the device rates their sense of balance and muscle strength on a five- grade scale.
If you think about it, we're surrounded by thousands of chemicals, natural and synthetic, so should retain a sense of balance.
But my poor sense of balance and lack of strength are back.
A Brigham Young University study finds that consumers experiencing a heightened sense of balance are more likely to weigh the options and go with a product that falls in the middle of the high-end, low-end scale.
The famous footballer each figure portrays is almost 9 feet high, but his innate sense of balance, even as a statue, remains wonderfully evident.
But the combination of shiny floor, high ceilinged windows and the open space echo seems to have an affect on my sense of balance and bodily control.
While I didn't enjoy the part where "it" measured my weight, took me through some balance, mental agility and quick reflex tests, then would flash up on its screen in large numbers, my "Wii Fit Age" that was considerably older than my chronological age, I did appreciate the variety of the exercises and games, particularly those that help me become more aware of my "core," and my sense of balance.
It can help improve suppleness in the feet as they are a key area for propelling the body during diving, while also improving co-ordination and concentration, as scuba diving requires a good sense of balance.
Pablo Trapero ("Carancho," "Lion's Den") is thinking big here, and he's certainly got the scope, especially in constructing visuals, yet his sense of balance is off and the finale's illogic doesn't sit well.