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Then, if an image had been generated, participants were required to name the primary or dominant sense modality first, and could then list other senses involved in the image.
Grenouille prefers a different sense modality as his main source of reliable information, just as Australian languages do with regard to hearing.
But Wagner's idea of collaborative use of the arts in a kind of summa work of art is different from the idea of the "transposition d'art," which might better be described in terms of the romantic's interest in synaesthesia, the transposition of one sense modality in terms of another.
Two relevant areas of research are haptics (the experience of touching and manipulating objects or environments) and virtual synesthesia (a neurological condition in which a stimulus in one sense modality is involuntarily elicited in another).
13) There is a dissimilarity in that white and sweet both belong exclusively to separate modalities, while white and pleasant are respectively a proper sensible and one that belongs on a spectrum available to any sense modality.