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Many modern legal academics credit the legal scholar James Bradley Thayer for developing the present sense impression exception to the rule against hearsay in the Nineteenth Century.
To lay the foundation for the present sense impression exception, the proponent of a statement must show: that the declarant made the statement contemporaneously with an event or condition, that the declarant actually perceived that event or condition (although participation by the declarant is not necessary), and that the statement describes or explains the event or condition.
If a sense impression is a conscious rather than a physical state, it should have a conscious mode of inherence and causality, which means that there is something it is "like" to be in such a state.
This does not only go for emotions, of course; it is as much true of thoughts, experiences, sense impressions.
There resides the subconscious mind, consisting of sense impressions and memories that affect every cell, organ, bone, and tissue of the body.
Sense impressions arise as a joint phenomenon of an observer with something observed.
In his spontaneous reactions to apparently random sense impressions, Handke achieves a kind of lyrical freedom and independence of expression.
Ellipses and allusions display the machinery of thought sorting and disposing of a flurry of sense impressions, transforming them into recognizable shapes and patterns.
The two moments of the sense impressions preceding death are neatly parallelled.
The heart of morality is not human desires influencing our sense impressions (Hume), nor consistency about universal moral norms divorced from being (Kant), nor the formative, emotive power of the response to values.
Adapting the memoir of Jean-Dominique Bauby, the forty-three-year-old editor of French Elle who in 1995 suffered a massive stroke and became the paralyzed victim of "locked-in" syndrome, allowed and, in fact, required Julian to bring all of his talents as an in-the-moment artist to bear on the creation of a cinematic equivalent for a myriad of sense impressions and for consciousness as it forms and observes itself being constituted.
The latter is the aspect of our consciousness that stays the same while sense impressions, desires, and concepts change.
If we use a language of adjectives and subject-predicate forms pertaining to sense impressions, we are using a language which deals with entities inside our skin [italics Korzybski's] and characteristics entirely non-existent in the outside world.
The poems in this selection take their point of departure in acutely precise sense impressions, which both confine and widen the reader's perspective, as in the introductory poem, which encompasses both the genius of J.
These epistemological issues lead him to consider the role of sense impressions in our cognitive encounter with the world--an area in which Sellarsian thought is at its most complex and subtle.