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41) Taking into account the physiology, we do not experience external objects directly, but rather infer objects from sense experience.
12) These subjects are constituted by their ability not only to perceive but also to manipulate sense experience as representation.
Morgan (2010) argues that Wilde's aestheticism is focused on precisely sense experience as such and thus participates in a transformation of the meaning of beauty that was already being theorized by Walter Pater in the legacy of German idealist aesthetics.
By embracing this figure, nineteenth-century poets appealed to Enlightenment theories of sense experience such as those of Edmund Burke, which suggested that the compensation of the other senses would grant blind people a greater than average facility in the employment of poetic language.
It is utterly challenged by logic because, on the one hand, it would be impossible in the first place to combine reason alone and sense experience alone.
If we do not have sense experience of God and if he escapes the grasp of our intellects, does this mean that we can have no real experience of God at all?
I did not want to write an elegy for the full array of sense experience, but I did want to call attention to the choices we are making at this moment in history and to the loss of a certain alertness, an awareness of the natural world and appreciation of its beauty and complexity, that has followed these changes.
Each school of thought gives due attention to the indispensable importance of sense experience, but the strict empiricists reduce all knowledge to sense experience while a metaphysical empiricism shows that knowledge begins with sense experience but cannot be sufficiently encompassed by sense experience alone.
Ibuanyidanda (complementary reflection) and some basic philosophical problems in Africa today; sense experience, "ihe mkpuchi anya" and the super-maxim.
Aristotle held truth to arise through logical processes from reliable sense experience.
What one gets through sense experience must be subsumed under these categories if one is to have determinate knowledge of objects.
Secondly there is our understanding of what lies behind our sense experience.
That said, what Sartwell's work does particularly well over and over again is to bring to light a rich world of aesthetic sensibilities entangled with, if not filling out, our political ones, and will be of particular appeal to those interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to the question of the aesthetics of politics, despite not offering the rich study of sensation and sense experience that might take an inquiry into these questions further.
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