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typical of tabloids

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What might convince some of them, however, could be an intelligent, honest and less sensationalistic place to turn for informed but staunchly conservative opinions.
In this study, Hughes, a member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, examines the local and national newspapers' sensationalistic coverage of the case and the trial, and explains the mystery of what actually happened between Eugene and Daisy.
I enjoy being a teaseC* I enjoy sex when having indulged in out of free willC*( sic)" Sherlyn did not deny that the sensationalistic messages were a ploy to grab attention.
Far less sensationalistic than the title suggests, this attractively shot debut feature from helmer Filip Marczewski stands out from other small-town Poland tales by virtue of its unusual Romany character, realistic sense of detail and committed thesping from a talented central quartet.
This may indicate news directors need to decrease the amount of time on sensationalistic stories and allocate more time for other news.
Some readers posted outraged comments that writing about Penn State's risk management situation was sensationalistic and that all parties were innocent until proven guilty.
Because programmers know that the ratings will be announced in a few days' time, the try and make every show as sensationalistic as possible in the hope of garnering more eyeballs.
It was a decision that we made jointly, but I'll tell you that it wasn't something sensationalistic happening.
It's almost like the judge made a sensationalistic decision.
There are some extreme groups that want to create sensationalistic stories.
He added that news is often edited or fabricated to make it sensationalistic.
It seems to me that their primary goal is killing Americans and other Westerners in sensationalistic fashion.
However, we can never forget that this praise has been accompanied by serious criticisms, about Lebanese media that is too polarized, sensationalistic and vulgar.
Far from being just sensationalistic, the book locates the victims and perpetrators within the backdrop of their era to elucidate wider social issues on the frontier interface that was 19th century Western Australia.
Never didactic, sensationalistic, or simplistic, Haworth carefully places her self-narrated story of wanting to change her gender identity from the age of 4 (and swallowing this feeling long into adulthood), alongside the expressions of hurt, misunderstanding, anger, insight and pure love that her loved ones expose to the camera.