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a momentary lapse of memory (especially in older people)

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Senior moments also can be related to stress, depression, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease and/or medications.
Frank''s first Senior Moments strip appears in the summer edition of All Together NOW
I've told her I don't have senior moments, I have intellectual interludes.
Heaven knows I need it because my senior moments are becoming alarmingly frequent.
He suffered a few senior moments during intros and so on but sang like Buble, Connick et al can only dream of.
More detailed than many a cadaver, this well-illustrated reference is valuable for students as well as for practitioners who may be experiencing senior moments or battle fatigue.
THEY call them senior moments - you know, those times you walk into a room then stand there blank and bewildered wondering what on earth you're there for, or open the fridge door instead of a cupboard.
I have these senior moments now and again - old age doesn't come alone,' joked Smith.
Iles makes a good case for Peyton, if a case is to be made: Exhibited in a gallery presided over by David Hockney (more on the senior moments in this show later), Peyton's au courant idols (including herself) take their place at the center of a "cross-generational dialogue," one of a handful meant to animate the exhibition.
3) Connie Lauerman, "Memory Storage Changes Give Us Senior Moments," Democrat Gazette, December 17, 2001, sec.
Halifax manager Chris Wilder replaced defender Adam Quinn with midfielder Michael Senior moments later, and the change paid off when Simon Parke scored for the home side after 69 minutes.
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