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Synonyms for senility

Synonyms for senility

the condition of being senile

Synonyms for senility

mental infirmity as a consequence of old age

the state of being senile

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In contrast, there are many words in Chinese that poke fun or insult them, usually for senility.
THE SENILITY OF VLADIMIR P by Michael Honig (Atlantic Books, hardback PS12.
The Senility Of Vladimir P is V former doctor Michael Honig's second novel and an exciting tale of how even the best of men can face temptation.
Lot 1: truck crossings increased capacitance, senility.
Tumours - both benign and malignant - arthritis, dental decay, kidney disease, allergies and senility - these are among the most common problems that afflict senior dogs and cats in the UAE, a special meet on ageing pets has revealed.
Norman Walker, in his book Colon Health, reiterated that a short series of colonics twice a year prevents senility at any age.
He covers senility, youth, and justice in the first book of Plato's The Republic; the last step in Aristophanes' The Clouds; the city of women in the surviving fragment of Aristophanes' The Assemblywomen; King Lear and the battle of generations; gods and children in Shakespeare's reading of Machiavelli's The Prince; and spelling The Tempest.
It could be he is experiencing a little senility and is confused from time to time.
A FREE memory test to detect senility among people over 60 is being held on Saturday by the Ithaki charity organisation in cooperation with the American Medical Centre/American Heart Institute.
I finally checked it out and confirmed that if I had not been entirely stupid in ignoring its promise, senility could have been a factor
I suspect Benedict, known of late to lose the thread of conversations, may be suffering from a form of senility.
It could take her away from the senility that has been threatening to overtake her mother and the piled up bills that keep rolling in, adding to the already high back rent.
In Full Circle, directed by Yang Zhang, a group of senior citizens charges towards the reality show competition with the stubborn fervour of youthful dreamers despite illness, senility, a lack of acting ability and a non-nonsense chief nurse.
Yes, we know something about senility, Alzheimer 's disease, and memory loss.
According to Katherine Houpt, VMD, PhD, the emeritus James Law Professor of Animal Behavior and director of the Behavior Clinic at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, the most dramatic and most frequently reported behavioral indication of feline senility is an elderly cat's persistent vocalization during the night.