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In a study by Raveendra L, senile purpura was found in 14 cases (7%).
The differential diagnosis of scurvy includes autoimmune diseases, coagulopathies, hematologic malignancies, adverse effects of medications, meningococcemia, necrotizing gingivitis, senile purpura, thrombophlebitis, other vitamin deficiencies (vitamins K, D, [B.
immune thrombocytopenic purpura), senile purpura in old age, and vitamin D deficiency and physical abuse in a child.
Risk factors include: co-morbidities, poly-pharmacy, corticosteroid use, anticoagulant therapy, dependence in ADL's, presence of bruising and senile purpura, visual impairment, neuropathy, cognitive impairment, and decreased mobility.
The crimson patches on the backs of the hands and the forearms of the elderly are known inappropriately as senile purpura.