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the act of causing something to go (especially messages)

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Relay prevention requires the email server to know who is sending the message, or at least trust the IP address of the computer used to send the email.
Company president Kovaks has been recently quoted as saying DirectAdvertiser has already sold more than 200 copies of the program which, on most computers, is reported to be capable of sending about 5,000 pop-up messages an hour targeted to a range of Internet addresses.
For decades, people have been sending signals into space in hopes of making contact with extraterrestrial beings.
Business rules are less forgiving than social ones when it comes to card sending.
All of this can be done for a fraction of the cost of sending out a piece of regular mail--1/2 cent to 20 cents a piece compared with 50 cents to $2.
The user walks up to the sending machine and chooses a destination, either via IP address or by assigned name, and then presses "Send".
Many programs, such as cc:Mail and Outlook Express, give you the option of sending a return message to just the person who sent it or to everyone who received the original message.
MyFax, also fully integrated with both Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes, is one of the most popular business Internet fax services for sending and receiving faxes using email accounts and the web.
Fire Chief Bill Bamattre said the department will avoid similar problems in the future by dispatching paramedics to the address provided by the caller and sending additional units to other locations if there is a question.
Clicking on links in junk e-mail also encourages spammers to keep sending it because you responded.
The SEC strongly encourages sending the letter by fax and will accept the fax date as the notification date.
The YouSendIt plug-in allows registered users to send multiple photos to multiple recipients, add comments, and select resolution, file size and file type before sending from within the plug-in.
With a modem, workers can sit at their desks and do multiple tasks, including sending faxes at the press of a button.
Multi-tasking while online is very popular, as IM users tend to engage in multiple online activities while sending instant messages.
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