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someone who transmits a message


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Dunne, Warnock, and Bisaha (1977) described a single-participant study in which the ganzfeld stimulation period was divided into 10 min during which the sender remained blind to the target and a further 5 min when they became aware of it.
Source Authentication stays within the SMTP protocol and only requires that the sender reply to the e-mail.
The trouble is that the sender can cheat by producing pairs of photons with the same polarization.
Return Path's Analytics team reviewed data on complaint rates, spam trap hits and unknown user rates by Sender Score.
Two experimenters (EM and AA) were present for each trial, with one being assigned to the sender (Es) and one to the receiver (Er).
The sender creates the material to be sent at the requested resolution.
Approved December 20, 2010, the scope of the annual rules compliance audit requirements were expanded to require third-party senders to conduct such audits to the extent that they perform any functions of an ODFI under the Rules.
In another departure from earlier projects, psi effects did not increase when receivers and senders were friends, he adds.
This new capability will allow senders to enhance the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns through better understanding of how they are perceived by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
Complaint count and complaint rates offer visibility into the number of spam reports that are associated with each sender into that mailbox provider and across Goodmail's network of partnering ISPs.
Cloudmark-Protected ISPs, Including Earthlink, Comcast, Cox, Charter, Telus, THUS and Fastweb, Join Large Number of Receivers Relying on Sender Score Certified.
This approach reduces the time and effort Internet Service Providers (ISPs) spend determining if the sender fulfills the criteria necessary for inclusion on a whitelist.
NEW YORK & PARIS -- Return Path, the leading provider of global deliverability tools and services, today announced that it has added four new members to its Sender Score Receiver Alliance: Splio Developpement, The Communicator Corp, IPT and Responsys.
NEW YORK -- Return Path's Sender Score Certified, the most widely accepted email whitelist, now improves more than email deliverability for its accredited members.