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refer (a matter or legal case) to another committee or authority or court for decision


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He said that those refugees who are unregistered and living illegally in the Pakistan would be send back strictly.
It is hoped the probe will send back data containing clues to help unlock the secrets of life and the universe.
As per details, PHA has decided to send back Director Finance Tafakhar Ali and Deputy Director Finance Ajmal Saaed in FBR.
In a press statement, Rafat Al-Sabagh, the Spokesman of the Center, said that, during the last 3 days, a number of 299 Yemenis stranded in Egypt, 120 from India and 129 from Jordan, raising the tally to 9,121 Yemeni, have been sent back to home up to now, adding that the center is keen to send back safely the others to home.
It added that the Ministry's role is restricted to issuing a decision to send back laborers violating the Labor Law to their countries, noting that the decision is being implemented by the Interior Ministry.
com/articles/162089/Germany+Sends+3000+Asylum+Seekers+Back+to+Bulgaria">told Bulgaria it would send back some 3000 people with either humanitarian or refugee status who had illegally reached its territory.
The chief minister has extended a special request to send back the mortal remains.
The agreement enables the EU to send back Turkish immigrants who illegally entered member countries.
The government of Malta was planning to send back 60 to 70 Somali migrants who landed on the island, on 9 July, without allowing them to apply for asylum, but had to drop its plans on an order by the European Court of Human Rights, to which NGOs submitted an urgent application (see box).
Summary: The apex court had on March 18 ordered that Mancini should not leave the country till April 2 after the Italian government refused to send back two marines to face trial in India for allegedly killing two fishermen off the Kerala coast last year.
Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi resigned yesterday, protesting government's U-turn to send back the marines to India.
Rome last week conveyed to New Delhi that it would not send back its marines to India for further trial, causing a furor in India and leading to exchange of words between the countries.
New Delhi, March 17 -- Apprehending backlash after it refused to send back two marines, facing trial in New Delhi for killing two Indian fishermen in Kerala, Italy has advised its citizens to be "vigilant and cautious", especially in that state.
The South Korean government's decision to send back a letter addressed to President Lee Myung Bak from Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiko Noda is "inconceivable" in terms of diplomatic protocol, Japan's spokesman said Thursday.