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Synonyms for send




send for someone


send for something

send someone down


send something off

send something out: dispatch

send something out: emit

send something out: produce

Synonyms for send

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to direct or allow to leave


to direct (a person) elsewhere for help or information

to move or excite greatly

send for: to demand to appear, come, or assemble

send forth: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

send up: to place officially in confinement

Synonyms for send

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Immigrants begin testifying to the crowd--which now includes two men from Vigo--about the importance of the money they send home.
Send a commercial e-mail that is not "clearly and conspicuously" marked as an advertisement.
Early in the Internet's history, any mail server was available to send e-mail on behalf of any user: You just specified the machine in your e-mail software, and the server relayed the mail for you.
LOGSA will send you a tailored pubs listing as an email attachment.
This software was made to send advertising or system messages to your own network.
Then we could give them a variance and we send an inspector to check, but every two years the variance has to be renewed by the Window Guard Policy Board.
The new software allows colleges to send personalized communication via text messages to groups that have selected what information they want to receive.
E-mail is seductive for these marketers because it costs virtually nothing to send, Crosbie points out.
Federal legislators have favored an "opt-out" approach to spam, meaning that when recipients request to be removed from mass e-mail lists, marketers must delete their e-mail addresses and not send them any further messages or face fines or jail time.
For a monthly newsletter, send three issues, following this schedule:
Technically, you could send an e-mail newsletter from your everyday mail program, simplifying the process by creating an alias--a single name representing all the recipients' names and e-mail addresses.
Many times, the end user is at the mercy of support staff, who must set up an interface--whether specialized hardware or the correct device drivers--and, otherwise, persuades one piece of equipment to send and another to receive.
Even if you send a simple weekly or monthly tax update, put a note at the bottom giving recipients an e-mail address to respond to if they want to be removed from the mailing list.