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a race for election to the senate

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Fabian, who had been Steele's Senate campaign finance chairman, as Fabian sought a reduced sentence after pleading guilty to unrelated fraud charges," Nitkin, the Sun's politics editor, wrote.
In the Public's workshop version, the play ended with Cliton's Senate campaign.
5 million on Senate campaign ads since the primary.
Take the gigantic, multicoloured coat she's shown wearing during her first Senate campaign in 2000.
And when both women show up at Patrick's Senate campaign fundraiser, a red-carpet catfight ensues.
Meanwhile, Jeremy's relationship with Natalie gets even hotter - if that's possible - and could land him in trouble when they show up together at a fundraiser for Patrick's senate campaign.
A former prodigy reporter at the Chicago Tribune who left to run Paul Simon's successful 1984 Senate campaign, Axelrod is the brains behind the Prairie State's newfound political prominence.
As with Steele's Senate campaign, the questions about Santorum do not disqualify him from office.
The FPPC said Runner's campaign also violated state election law by not listing on campaign reports the occupations and employers of five small contributors -- including Santa Clarita Councilman Cameron Smyth -- who donated a total of $2,175, and by putting contributions into a campaign bank account originally established for Runner's Assembly campaigns, rather than creating a new one for his Senate campaign.
1) Reading about a movie flogging the travails of bisexuality, from the unique perspective of Michael Huffington, known heretofore only for two spectacular losses: his obscenely expensive Senate campaign against Dianne Feinstein and his 11-year marriage with politically progressive diva Arianna.
According to The Washington Post, at the end of March, Dodd had $2 million in his Senate campaign account.
Senate campaign of Louisiana state legislator Woody Jenkins, paid former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and notorious white supremacist David Duke $82,000 for his mailing list.
An adviser from Reid's first Senate campaign in 1986, Joseph McCullough, an English professor at UNLV, remembers him as a man who sought counsel before making decisions.
AP--A $500,000 donation by Republican beer baron Pete Coors to his own Senate campaign has triggered a new federal law that eases fund-raising restrictions for his Democratic opponent.
I think that, at least in these Senate races, we will be successful on Tuesday night,' said Tennessee Senator Bill Frist, head of the Republican Senate campaign committee.
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