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Synonyms for sempstress

someone who makes or mends dresses

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Whether sempstress, temptress, or redemptress each appears as a singularly unattractive and self-centered frump.
Lawrence, (172) the Court considered a claim that worsted shawls should not have been subjected to the tariff applicable to "`clothing ready-made, and wearing apparel of every description, of whatever material composed, made up, or manufactured, wholly or in part by the tailor, sempstress, or manufacturer.
The debating ladies would be much better employed at their needle and thread, a good sempstress being a more amiable character than a female orator', as quoted in Andrew (ed.
55) Baker 1 Boarding House 2 English Goods 1 Mantuamaker 2 Milliner 1 Nurse 5 School 2 Sempstress 1 Tailoress 1 Variety Shop 1 No.
The governess and schoolmistress, sempstress and temptress, are ably illustrated.
Grainger's 1843 Children's Employment Commission, Thomas Hood's 1843 poem "The Song of the Shirt," Richard Redgrave's 1844 painting The Sempstress, and Henry Mayhew's work for the Morning Chronicle in 1849 (among many others)--which all established the Victorian seamstress as an iconographic figure.