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Synonyms for semivowel

a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant

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In the sources from the mid-1920s (LKG; LL 1924; LL 1926; Stalte 1924) the diphthong ie and the first component of the triphthong ieu was interpreted as a semivowel.
the last component of the triphthong uoi was partially interpreted as the semivowel j (uoj).
da-dam- "blow," and, perhaps, some of the stems listed above) suggests that the Middle West Iranian formant -id- or -ad- has been reduced to semivowels and then absorbed into the past stem.
Also, references concern Luick's account of the evolution of the cluster <sc> (179), fates of the velars (180-182), palatalisations (185), critical evaluation of Luick's account of the evolution of the semivowel [j] (189), shift of the yogh to [hi (191), and consonant gemination (203-204).
The available evidence testifying presumably to the application of the rule in Old English is limited to virtually two cases, namely, genitive plural forms of i-stem nouns: Deni(g)a (< *dani) 'Dane' and wini(g)(e)a < (*wini) 'friend', both forms lacking the expected gemination of the nasal and preserving instead the palatal semivowel (Erdman 1972: 409).
102, SK 202], which includes, among its conditions of application, "an ending beginning with a semivowel, nasal, or the phoneme bh," viz.
In one and the same morpheme a semivowel [j] is sometimes reported before [e, [euro]], sometimes not (examples of both on p.
We would also have to presume the insertion of an epenthetic -u-, here under the influence of the labial semivowel, again a fairly common Prakritic development (cf.
If one conjectures that the early Semitic phoneme *w was capable, like the person-marker *y, of taking syllabicity upon itself and shifting from semivowel to vowel, one finds that the addition of the person-markers would lead to the following paradigm:
1~-/ with its accent-regulated metathesis of laryngeal and semivowel had established itself in the system.
Semivowels are restricted to /w/ and /y/, and pattern as consonants.
There are four appendices: Appendix I: "AI Pitch Designations," Appendix II: "AI IPA Symbols for Vowels, Semivowels and French Nasal Vowel Sounds, "Appendix III: "IPA Symbols for Consonant Sounds" and Appendix IV: "Repertoire for Younger or Beginning Singers.
1 Assonance (recurrence of similar vowels or semivowels in neighboring words).
10 above), there was nevertheless a fairly even-handed vacillation between <s> and <s> in their representation of Semitic */s/ (not necessarily deriving from traditional PS */s/), except in some environments where the sibilant was in contact with a high vowel or a reflex of one of the corresponding semivowels.
The -w(w) of gabarewwo or -y(y) of gabarkeyyo are simply semivowels, w, y, to avoid the meeting of u-o.