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an athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis

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Dunkel said, "It took several years to untangle the spaghetti of conflicting facts, half truths, and rumors surrounding the Bismarck team and the lost world of semipro baseball" (295).
Intersecting Chic's story as he approaches old age are fifty-something newlyweds Mary Norwood and Green Geneseo -- a former semipro pool player and wannabe bookie, respectively -- who leave Las Vegas for Peoria, Illinois, hoping to start a life that resembles the one they always imagined themselves living.
Pitching for the Stars: My Seasons Across the Color Line" is the personal story of Jerry Craft's career playing for the semipro team called the Cichita Falls Graham Stars as a pitcher for $75.
While there have been talks of upgrading a semipro league in the states or providing 25-30 games per year in an extended residency program for the U.
Defending champion Adrian Lewis was given a scare by semipro Nigel Heydon.
Wales skipper Briers said: "Everyone has got to be aware that we are a semipro team and to keep New Zealand to two tries in that second half was a superb effort.
Savory is a semipro athlete riding with the GS Mengoni cycling team and cycles internationally, which has helped to broaden his real estate connections on a global level.
The Alpine Cowboys of today are an offshoot of a semipro team founded by a rancher named Herbert Kokernot, who loved western Texas'Big Bend country and baseball, but not necessarily in that order.
In Germany, for example, there are apparently 300 suspicious games currently under scrutiny; and illegal betting and match-fixing affects all levels of the game, including international friendlies, a Champions League and some Europa Cup games, as well as some lower league semipro matches.
Still the enthusiasm stayed high in the United ranks, inspired by tricky Roca and driven on by semipro groundsman Nicky Platt.
They will barely acknowledge each other in a post-game handshake while Calipari cockily marches off the court arm-in-arm with his Turkish semipro wonder, Enes Kanter, who dominates inside with no fouls called on him.
After high school, he played semipro football for the Marcus Hook A.
Manchester City Council wrote to semipro Tony da Silva's mum and dad after he was seen skating illegally.
Last season Matty played for the city's recently-formed semipro club AFC Liverpool.
Jahmal played for semipro side Boreham Wood and had just taken GCSEs at the Hackney Free School, a sports college.