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Synonyms for semiotical

of or relating to semiotics


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From there, Steiner skips to the twentieth century theoretician Yurii Lotman (1922-1993), a professor at the University of Tartu, who developed a semiotical philosophy of culture and who may have been to some extent influenced by both Herder and Grigoryev.
According to this discussion, similarity is a purely semiotical matter, and concerns how entities are similar within a given semantic network.
Proof and explanation from a semiotical point of view.
Cultural semiotics started from the realisation that in a semiotical sense culture is a multi-language system, where, in parallel to natural languages, there exist secondary modelling systems (mythology, ideology, ethics etc.
are closely, almost inseparably allied" and that a tragedy might best be constructed as "a living semiotical display, a series of anthropological experiments developed for the purpose of ascertaining some important psychical principle.