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a private place of education for the young

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a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis

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Saturday afternoons are riotous times, whether spent in the house or out, for on pleasant days they all go to walk, like a seminary, with the Professor and myself to keep order, and then such fun!
After marching through a number of streets the patrol arrested five more Russian suspects: a small shopkeeper, two seminary students, a peasant, and a house serf, besides several looters.
Fielding, being a lady of infinite discernment, suggested that the cake was poisoned, and related a narrative of a cake, which, within her knowledge, had turned a seminary for young ladies, blue.
And when I was sixteen we three girls were all sent up to California to Mills Seminary, which was quite fashionable and stifling.
I was three years at Mills Seminary, with trips home, of course, and two years in New York; and then Dad went smash in a sugar plantation on Maui.
And Simon Nishikanta tore himself away from his everlasting painting of all colour-delicacies of sea and sky such as are painted by seminary maidens, to be helped and hoisted up the ratlines of the mizzen rigging, the huge bulk of him, by two grinning, slim-waisted sailors, until they lashed him squarely on the crosstrees and left him to stare with eyes of golden desire, across the sun-washed sea through the finest pair of unredeemed binoculars that had ever been pledged in his pawnshops.
Cuff, on the contrary, was the great chief and dandy of the Swishtail Seminary.
Here we stand, by no previous appointment or arrangement, three old schoolfellows, in Westminster Hall; three old boarders in a remarkably dull and shady seminary at Saint Omer's, where you, being Catholics and of necessity educated out of England, were brought up; and where I, being a promising young Protestant at that time, was sent to learn the French tongue from a native of Paris
Nathaniel Pipkin was a harmless, inoffensive, good-natured being, with a turned-up nose, and rather turned-in legs, a cast in his eye, and a halt in his gait; and he divided his time between the church and his school, verily believing that there existed not, on the face of the earth, so clever a man as the curate, so imposing an apartment as the vestry-room, or so well-ordered a seminary as his own.
According to spokesperson of the seminary, Ameer Ismail came to Pakistan in 2013 in order to pursue his religious education in one of the prime Deobandi seminaries of the country.
All are working towards Masters' degrees in order to provide staffing in the seminary and other roles requiring advanced degrees.
In the last 10 years, the Seminary has opened its doors to the community hosting various churches, events, and bringing students from across the country and globe to live in Littleton.
Justin's room was small and crowded with books and papers, not unlike the way seminary students' rooms have looked forever.
By and large, theological education has become denominational again in the four Protestant churches that constituted the seminary, but the ecumenical ethos which used to prevail at Fedsem still influences theological curricula and ministerial attitudes.
5 deal to purchase the property at 445 West 20th Street from the seminary, its third major purchase from the church.