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a private place of education for the young

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a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis

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Saturday afternoons are riotous times, whether spent in the house or out, for on pleasant days they all go to walk, like a seminary, with the Professor and myself to keep order, and then such fun!
I was three years at Mills Seminary, with trips home, of course, and two years in New York; and then Dad went smash in a sugar plantation on Maui.
21) He must offer himself trustingly to the discernment of the Church, of the bishop who calls him to orders, of the rector of the seminary, of his spiritual director, and of the other seminary educators to whom the bishop or major superior has entrusted the task of forming future priests.
Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) in Saskatoon subsequently hosted an open house in March and welcomed 20 potential candidates representing the four western synods.
military and head of the review, told the National Catholic Register, "I think anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity, or has strong homosexual inclinations, would be best not to apply to a seminary and not to be accepted into a seminary.
From that day on, his life was bound to the seminary.
Walter Wink is Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City.
6) When it came to seminary curriculum, as in so much else, he amplified and clarified what had been set down by the Council of Trent.
However, during Dawn investigation into the matter it was found that only industries and Auqaf departments registered seminaries while the social welfare department was yet to register a seminary.
During a visit to Jamia Naeemia seminary in Garhi Shahu, as Nawaz reached the rostrum to address the participants of the event, an audience member threw a shoe which hit the former premier on his chest after which he climbed the stage and shouted a slogan while standing in front of Nawaz.
Islamabad [Pakistan], Feb 23 ( ANI ): Pakistani seminary Darul Uloom Jamia Haqqania will be granted furthermore funds of Rs 277 million to bring its madrassas to the mainstream.
The Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary was established in 1898, that is 120 years ago, by the Southern Baptist Convention, USA, with the sole aim of training preachers for churches and leaders for other theological schools.
He said that the Higher Education Commission has already accepted equivalence of the seminary degree to the Masters in Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Imparting education of modern day subjects like IT, Computer Science, Maths, English and other science subjects to the students of the religious seminary would help them for bringing in the mainstream of development, he said.
Qaisar also directed the TEVTA management to prepare a course to offer construction related training to seminary students as well.