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a private place of education for the young

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a theological school for training ministers or priests or rabbis

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Details collected by Dawn from the Auqaf and industries departments show that about 3,000 seminaries are registered with the government in the province.
Imran told the chief minister to provide needed resources to all the seminaries included in the mainstreaming programme.
Khan appreciated the KP government's efforts to mainstream religious seminaries.
The Punjab Governor stated that the image of religious seminaries could be improved further in West by ensuring provision of latest knowledge.
The provincial government has directed the Elementary and Secondary Education department to ensure the process of registration of seminaries within one month.
According to the latest statistics, he said, 1,150 seminaries are there in ten districts which teach around 45,000 students.
Islamabad: Pakistan government has no plans to shutdown or control seminaries but their registration is a must, an official said amid a crackdown on the seminary system, often accused of fostering terrorism.
No longer can theological education be seen as the sole prerogative of our seminaries," Yamada writes.
Many boys go to religious schools or seminaries as their parents cannot afford to send them to secular schools because of higher fees.
Jones says the case is of national significance because of its "broader implications for tenured professors in denominational seminaries.
NEW YORK: Seminaries, higher education institutions where professors of religion and religious leaders train students to become clergy, have been present in the United States for centuries.
LAHORE: The federal government on Sunday asked the intelligence agencies to provide it with details of the checking of seminaries in Punjab and the presence of ghost seminaries in the province.
Taiwan is the home of three Presbyterian seminaries, three Presbyterian hospitals, four Presbyterian universities, and social work projects too many to list here.
As many as 7,578 boys and 433 girls are studying in the seminaries.
Comerford points out that generalizations about cold, distant bureaucratic priests are unfounded, for the cases studies demonstrate that the seminaries in Tuscany were too small and inefficient to produce a clerical elite.
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