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capicola can be recognised from congeners by the laterally placed copulatory openings and the sharply bending seminal ducts, leading to the oval median spermathecae (Figs 24, 25).
39, with small procurved lateral posterior copulatory openings; internal structure typical for members of subgenus Helafricanus, with converging seminal ducts and spermathecae; atria without strong sclerotization (Fig.
51), and the female by the small posterior copulatory openings with seminal ducts converging anteriorly (Figs 54, 55).
Diagnosis: This species can be distinguished from other members of the subgenus by the structure of the copulatory organs: the male palp has a characteristic embolus that is orientated transverse to the longitudinal axis of the palp, while the female differs by the relatively longer seminal ducts.
Seminal ducts wide, weakly sclerotized; receptacles compound, multi-chambered (Fig.
Initial part of seminal ducts tube-shaped, very weakly sclerotized, distal parts forming many loops, accessory glands long, receptacles small (Figs 158, 159).
africanas Peckham & Peckham, 1903, but the seminal ducts are very thin, with large, spherical accessory glands.
42, seminal ducts very long, forming a few loops, membranous, visible only after staining with chlorazol black; only their distal, narrow parts more strongly sclerotized; spermathecae spherical.
Initial parts of seminal ducts very weakly sclerotized, membranous (Fig.
arboretus by the clearly longer seminal ducts that form a few loops (straight in D.
127); seminal ducts short, spermathecae strongly sclerotized, single-chambered (Fig.
Diagnosis: The species may by recognized by the structure of the epigyne, with characteristic spiralling ridges around the copulatory openings and the seminal ducts broader than in other African congeners.
149); copulatory openings surrounded by spiralling ridges; seminal ducts broad, similarly broad along their length, with accessory glands present (Fig.