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literate but poorly informed

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barely able to read and write

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able to read but not to write

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The same is true of illiterate or semiliterate individuals in literate societies--they, too, do not experience this fourth stage of development.
c) Chat apps are accessible for low-income semiliterate and illiterate people, as they allow video clips and images to be disseminated.
Another class, which focused on poverty and hunger, created newsletters on nutrition and food access for semiliterate parents of children in an after-school program.
fortune It was the fishing-mad crook's crowning glory in his transformation from semiliterate Solihull roofer to a timeshare fraudster.
The Gandhian model of training is unique and focuses on selecting and training semiliterate rural women to be solar engineers.
The only person who seems to escape Beethoven's wrath is Michael Krenn, the semiliterate servant provided to him during an extended stay at his brother's estate in Gneixendorf, whom Beethoven surreptitiously deploys to overhear the dinnertime conversations he himself can't lip-read and to relay to him the content of what his family members are saying.
The humanities have taken the brunt of criticism aimed at such a justification, but the jobs-based model that so preoccupies social discourse is a misguided objective that will eventually turn our work force into semiliterate specialists whose main task is to keep the economy moving.
Of particular interest was whether these volunteers, many of whom are semiliterate and have no health training, would be willing to take on added responsibility and whether they could master PHE concepts sufficiently well to convey related information to the community.
While Fairman's point about the importance of not ignoring non-standard forms of writing in favour of standard language is important, it seems oddly placed in a volume which embraces the writing of the semiliterate in such a versatile manner.
The senior doctor mentioned that in view of the scenario HANDS has established a nonLHW area model of health services, which is a model of working with illiterate or semiliterate rural women to serve their respective communities and to provide them basic health facilities, with major emphasis on reproductive health and family planning services.
This dangerous trend can be reversed, but its reverse requires bold political solutions to curb the influence of wealth on politics, together with a cultural change, as the minority literate population of the country is pushing for a market-intensive economy that is unfavorable for the majority of the illiterate and semiliterate populations, caught in loops of land dispossession and casualization of labor.
3) Graduates of the university-based model of theological education are more educationally socialized to serve urban, highly literate, middle- and upper-class congregations than rural semiliterate and poor congregations.
Also, among illiterate and semiliterate parents, it is becoming something of a "fashion" to use adulterated English, Nigerian pidgin English, or a mix of both Etsako and English or Etsako and Nigerian pidgin English.
It's that some children in the United States grow up semiliterate.
Her defence lawyer, Mike Sissons-Pell, said that Barrett had a long history of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, and was only semiliterate.