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in the medium of Shkolnikova with the precultivation for 24-48 h, and then with the cultivation of bacilli in a semiliquid DIR nutrient medium for 5 days.
As the stomach contracts, the semiliquid parts are moved out of the stomach into the small intestine.
Effects of products made from a high-palmitic acid, trans-free semiliquid fat or a high-oleic acid, low-trans semiliquid fat on the serum lipoprotein profile and on C-reactive protein concentrations in humans.
6, in case of semiliquid substances such as jam, Laz employs the positional PRV-sun 'it is smeared', and the positional PRV-byun 'it (mass) is located' cannot be used.
When squeezed from the bottle onto a spoon, the product's semiliquid nature helps prevent spills if the spoon is shaken or inverted.
Maggots actually feed by extracorporeal digestion, a process in which they spit enzymes onto the tissue, which breaks down into a semiliquid that can be sucked up.
At the temperature 350-400 [degrees]C the organic substance of kukersite is converted into semiliquid state, called thermobitumen.
2] in the deep ocean using semiliquid compounds called hydrates.
It converts digestible food into a semiliquid that goes into the intestine, while undigested parts--such as fur, bones, teeth, and feathers--remain in the stomach and are compacted into a pellet that is later regurgitated with a choking motion.
Dispensing an electrically conductive paste or semiliquid material in the precise location where the gasket is needed is a cost-effective method of gasketing for either metal or plastic enclosures.
Levant styrax or A semiliquid, sticky, grayish brown, opaque,
This member of the new XDS family is priced at about $60,000, and can handle just about any liquid or semiliquid sample.
The company specializes in the manufacture of liquid and semiliquid prescription and nonprescription pharmaceuticals.
Transection revealed subtotal replacement of the parenchyma by a circumscribed, semiliquid, soft gray-tan mass resembling an abscess.
SFE is both an environmentally and consumer-safe way to extract such compounds because it uses carbon dioxide that's been heated and compressed to a semiliquid state.