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partially conscious

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The girl was found in a semiconscious condition at around 11pm from the graveyard and was taken to the Lady Reading Hospital.
Paul Nicholls, who plays teacher Steve Bell in the series, lay semiconscious for three days at the Khun Si waterfall on the island of Koh Samui.
PC Leek, 33, relived the drama of more than 30 minutes in the bitter cold with the half-drowned, semiconscious man in his arms.
The man, who was approximately 40 years old, had suffered a badly broken leg, a chest injury and was semiconscious.
The teenager had suffered a number of injuries and was semiconscious.
He chats incessantly even when he is semiconscious or delirious.
It's the first thing I think about in the morning, so I try to make the second thing I think about more interesting" - Comedian Billy Connolly on his Parkinson's disease "She is one of the only people in the world who tells me the truth if something looks hideous" - Actress Eva Longoria on Victoria Beckham "Our cultural muscles are being atrophied in a semiconscious, flabby mainstream" - Actress Jessica Hynes baffles her audience during a speech on diversity.
By the time he would start touching her inappropriately she would become semiconscious as S.
The illness and medication left her semiconscious, with a painful rash and a sensitivity to contact and needles, and she said she cannot remember a week of her two week treatment.
Tracy, who has taken Izzy's place on the outing, is horrified to see her nemesis, Carla, trapped inside and semiconscious.
The girl was found semiconscious in the apartment two days later.
The woman was found in a semiconscious and semi- naked state
As Faruque, a network engineer, turned to return to his meal, one of the other men said: "Yeah, he's a f--king Arab," leading to a brutal pummeling that dislocating Faruque's left shoulder and left him semiconscious.
Paramedics said the woman had suffered neck and head wounds and were semiconscious.
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