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moderately formal

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However, despite a considerate body of research and a handful of prototypes providing unification it is still not clear what are the characteristics of such day-to-day, semi-formal and loosely planned projects, and how should unification be implemented.
spring dance, prom, homecoming, and winter formal) are afforded an opportunity to participate by selecting from a variety of formal and semi-formal dresses.
Semi-formal park is determined using the active operating licenses granted by the local government, better known as canton or municipality.
WELLINGTON (CyHAN)- Paying a semi-formal visit to New Zealand, Prince Harry performed ancient traditional Maori dance of Haka with a group of local troops at Linton Military Camp, the largest army base in New Zealand.
Often wardrobes are built around two extremes: semi-formal and barbecue attire.
This quickly became a popular formal and semi-formal uniform across Rajasthan, especially because of the habitual sport of Polo.
Semi-formal walled garden with shrubs and herbaceous borders, rose garden, Victorian greenhouses and chicken village.
2 at Shadow Hills for semi-formal dinner, no-host bar and group photo.
With that attire, he will neither be allowed into the country club nor will he be meeting the semi-formal standard of the wedding.
a semi-formal means of describing, sharing and expanding knowledge about game design, a selection of games have been analysed in order to identify existing and hypothetical GDPs for game dialogues.
Furthermore, combining the acquired business with Cadence's Incisive formal technologies and experience with create the most comprehensive formal and semi-formal portfolio in the segment, it added.
In formal ceremonies such as an oath-taking, she said participants must wear formal or semi-formal attire, like those worn during Sunday mass.
The article distinguishes ideal-typically three different types of the 'family care regime', the informal, semi-formal and the formal type of family care regime.
Wathra said that globally, more than two billion adults did not have access to formal or semi-formal financial services.
The black, hooded The Mr Martin jacket has a semi-formal twist.