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somewhat dry

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Ill admit an instinctive bias toward drier wines, but I often find myself reacting more enthusiastically to semi-dry versions.
This version removes metals in solution commonly Copper, Chrome, Lead, Zinc, suspended solids, other contaminates and controls the PH level, giving semi-dry solids and clear Filtrate for recycling or disposal to sewer well within the Local Authority Environmental limits.
Semi-dry white aged for seven months, with notes of pear and citrus.
Susan Quain, 58, of Blyth, said: "It will be semi-dry.
Slip them over your gloves and into the cuffs of a semi-dry jacket to increase their water resistance
Big, bouncy curls are still one of the of designers flaunting semi-dry hair on the catwalk.
12, Mehr news agency quoted Mahmoudi as saying 84 percent of Iran's total area is either dry or semi-dry, while only 16 percent of the country is humid and semi-humid.
According to the UN Convention to combat desertification and mitigate the effects of drought in 1994, desertification is the degradation of land in dry and semi-dry regions due to human activity and weather changes, while drought is a period of abnormally dry weather that causes serious hydrological imbalance in the area, due to lack of rain.
Referring to the fact that dry and semi-dry climate has dominated some 75 percent of Iran's soil, he said that during the past decade, the country has faced severe climate situation and lack of rainfalls.
Dry or semi-dry sand/cement brushed into the joint does not provide a truly rigid joint.
It will use modern and sophisticated technologies for climate control, appropriate in dry and semi-dry regions, a statement said.
Capable of sensing instantaneous vibration input data and digitizing it using in-vehicle analysis equipment, this new technology classifies the current state of the road surface into seven conditions of dry, semi-dry, wet, slush, fresh snow, compact snow, and ice.
fronds; Semi-Dry Riesling Hermonn J Weimer Finger Lakes NY 2008
It is a semi-dry rocky plateau with many caves and caverns making it a resort for escapees which is why it was called Lajat (Arabic for resort).
Australia, he added, is ready to share its expertise in various fields such as energy, particularly through power production projects or also in matters of agriculture, irrigation in semi-dry zones and breeding.