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the branch of semantics that studies the cognitive aspects of meaning

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The restrictions of semasiology are however alleviated by the fact that NLP techniques for classes building and term attachments are used on both domain corpora and cross-domains Web pages.
Elizabeth Closs Traugott affirme a ce sujet: "Ultimately of course, semasiology presupposes onomasiology, and onomasiology presupposes semasiology, since domains have members, and over times individual form-meaning pairs come to be used to express those domains [.
and the remaining contributions are in the area of semasiology (concerned with the question "what does the word X mean?
86) It is a pity that we cannot read his dissertation, on Romance semasiology, (87) which was destroyed in the great Baltimore conflagration of February 1904, while in the press of John Murphy & Co.
I protest against subjecting the English language, and more particularly a simply English phrase, to this kind of process of philology and semasiology.
A Systematic Tabulation of Indo-European Animal Names: With Special Reference to Their Etymology and Semasiology.
The following contribution calls attention to the fact that cognitive linguistics has already had its effects on historical semasiology, but hardly on historical onomasiology.
Peter Boodberg describes the relationship of li and ti in "The Semasiology of Some Primary Confucian Concepts," Philosophy East and West 2 [1953]: 326-27 [rpt.