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Synonyms for semaphore

to communicate by means of such devices as lights or signs


Words related to semaphore

an apparatus for visual signaling with lights or mechanically moving arms

Related Words

send signals by or as if by semaphore

convey by semaphore, of information

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Semaphore is a visual system for sending messages employed by one person using two flags that are held one in each hand.
4 On first impression The Semaphore looks like any other traditional country pub, with beamed ceilings, cosy seating in front of a log burner and the locals propping up the bar, but situated inside DRUID great food pub (01352 BERWYN LLANDRILLO, The Semaphore is Choi''s Restaurant.
Semaphore provides effective, rapid and accurate control of, and access to, unstructured content with a speed, accuracy and intelligence not achievable today through existing systems that are strained from soaring information volumes.
To eliminate the allocation delay, the RT-kernel reserves a memory space (called the System Semaphore Pool) where semaphore objects are stored.
Office Semaphore consisted of nothing more than a robin's egg-blue tourist telescope and an information panel, the latter decoding collections of objects perched on the anonymous participant's windowsill, which could be spied through the viewfinder and were said to change daily.
Semaphore Marketing has branded the web site with the theme "Data and Doughnuts - both at their best when they are fresh" which is intended to convey UKChanges' corporate message to its visitors.
Semaphore also benefits from Xerox's major account relationships.
Consumer Demand for Higher Quality Content Positions Semaphore as the QC Tool of Choice for the Digital Media Market
Evreux (27) - Air Base 105, Ste address (76), the semaphore Heve, Alt-onival (80) -semaphore Ault.
Troops used historical semaphore flags to relay commands during the ceremony on 25 July 2012 for outgoing commander, MG Alan R.
Semaphore complements an organization's investments in Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence and Content Management with Content Intelligence.
Semaphore says the Kingfisher DNP3 protocol suite exceeds implementation level 3.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Semaphore, a Nashua, global provider of SCADA control systems, has selected Tiziani Whitmyre, Inc.
His eye twitchily takes in places that semaphore colonialism (Trinidad and Tobago gained independence in 1962, three years before the artist's birth), and, later, he revives his apparently sharp memories of them in large-scale paintings that refract an ongoing mental fissuring.
Director George Hickenlooper's film, which screens June 17 and 19 as part of the IFP Los Angeles Film Festival, is affecting even if you don't care about the Runaways or the semaphore signals of fame.