sellers' market

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a market in which more people want to buy than want to sell

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what we seem to be encountering is a sellers market for this product which in turn gives us a lot of control over the quality offered to guests.
There is a lot of cash out there chasing commercial loans, so it's really becoming a sellers market, thus making it the perfect time for banks and investors alike to optimize their portfolio returns through asset allocation sales, because they will get top bids.
We're coming to the end of the sellers market cycle in the housing markets," said Alexis McGee, president of Foreclosures.
Although banks are the most active participants in the overall credit derivative sector, hedge funds are also becoming a meaningful part of the buyer's market, and insurance/monolines/reinsurance companies have rapidly emerged as key players in the sellers market," said Grossman.
I feel that the Company is on the verge of an explosion in the IAQ sector, which leads me to believe that we are about to enter a very aggressive sellers market.
Michael Guyer, a Florida licensed auctioneer and real estate broker, is determined to provide buyers with bargains and deals in today's current sellers market.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Award-winning Sellers Markets, San Francisco's popular casual dining innovator, has opened its third location at 721 Market Street at Third Street, just steps from Union Square.