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the set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable

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Like the rest of the show, this piece is lightly yet viscerally comic, while seeking to convey the estranging feeling of staring at a black glass on which the friendships, selfhoods, and emotions of the past commingle with those of the present.
Analyzing narratives of the enslaved, emigration polemics, a murder trial, and Black-authored fiction, this work highlights the central role physical and mental health and well-being played in African American literary constructions of selfhood before the American Civil War in the U.
Selfhood is a series of paintings through which the artist deals with the idea of identity.
The emergence of modern notions of selfhood in the German-speaking world can be traced back to two origins: first, the cult of interiority and sentiment that emerged in the context of Pietism (Sparn 150), and second, the idea of an organic self-regulated totality that was first conceived in the context of embryology (Muller-Sievers 4).
It identifies his central theme as the confusion and unhappiness inherent in the very experience of selfhood.
The Improbability of "Othello": Rhetorical Anthropology and Shakespearean Selfhood.
I begin with this well-known tension within modernist conceptions of selfhood because it is a tension to which Finn Fordham is very Much attuned in his excellently researched and sensitively argued study of modernist selves, I Do I Undo I Redo.
Iqbal says that the Arabs have lost their selfhood.
The hard lesson came with the day: the bitter selfhood the separating
Arciero and Bondolfi, who are not further identified, consider selfhood within the continental hermeneutic-phenomenological tradition, calling it ipseity to emphasize the need to account for how people are present to themselves and pre-reflexively conscious of themselves with dealing with others.
Women s Writing, Laura Laffrado maps the contested figure of female selfhood by analyzing autobiographical texts that simultaneously violate and reaffirm nineteenth-century gender conventions.
Technologize Desire: Selfhood and the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction" is a discussion of science fiction and its relation to the future of mankind and its relationship to technology.
He was not "satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their selfhood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating 'for whites only'.
Warner addresses three main issues in relation to the representations of spirit forms: the technologies that make the representations possible, the status of the representations and spirit metaphors in connection to human vision, and the ways in which changing conceptions of selfhood have affected these representations.
Just as her new life seems under control, Shrimp reappears, making her question her destiny, her sense of selfhood, and what sorts of sacrifices loving another person calls for.